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All Europe Badminton Tournament

Running into the 12th year of this sporting event at MIND. One of the highly anticipated events which has seen around 100 teams participating every year in different categories. The event has witnessed teams from other European nations also participating in the previous editions. Register your team, participate or join us to watch who will lift the trophies in 2023.

Rules & Regulations

● Registration fess - €15 per player per category

● Players should report at registration desk 10 minutes before on the tournament day

● All participants must register online

● Registration open till February 28th 2023

● Chicken Biriyani served on the day and should be pre-ordered

● Game Rules will be updated close to the tournament date

Rules & Regulations
  • League level matches:

    • Each team has to play with all other competing teams in that pool.

    • Two sets will be played with each other team and a score of 1 point will be awarded for the winning team for each set.

    • Each set finishes at 15, meaning whoever gets 15 will be considered as the winner. The set will not be continued after 15.

  • Semi-finals - Semi-Finals will be played only if there are 4 pools in the category. The pool winner will qualify to play in Semi. Semi-Final games are on 21 points of 3 sets.

  • Finals - In any Category if there are only 2 pools, the highest scored team from each pool will qualify into the Finals. If there is only one pool in any category, round-robin rule will be applied to decide the winner in the category.

  • Tiebreaker - In case if two teams are in tie, the total score of each team will be calculated and the highest scoring team will be qualified for the next level. Even after that, if the total scores are the same, then the yield score will be considered and the less yield team will qualify. Even after the scores are level, a single match between the two teams will be held for 15 points, and the winning team will be qualified for the next level.

  • Winners will be awarded with Trophy and Medal on June 3rd, MIND Mega Mela Day.

  • The organizers of this tournament will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents caused during the tournament.

  • Any issues or disputes during the tournament can be brought to the notice of the Dispute Redressal Committee. The decision made by this committee is deemed to be final.

  • MIND committee will have the right to modify or cancel any of the above rules.

Registration closed
  • Date : 03.04.23
  • time : 09:00 am
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