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All Ireland Kids Football Tournament

Rules & Regulations
Fixtures. Results and Awards
Match Rules

1.   Tournament Time - Tournament starts at 9.00am.

2.   Match Timeline - The allotted teams must be ready 10 minutes before hand of the start of their respective matches. All matches will be played 25 minutes without break time, except “Under 13” category.

3.   Attendance - The match will be called off in case a team is not present at the pitch, after 5 minutes of start time. The winners’ points will be awarded to the team present at the pitch.

4.   Dress code – a. Teams must wear a uniformed jersey/ similar colour top/ and a player number at the back of the top, if possible.

b.   Boots with metal studs, plastic sharp studs or blades are strictly prohibited during the match. A player must change the boot or leave the pitch if found and asked by the referee.

5.   Referees - The games will be managed by the Football Association of Ireland qualified referees. The referees will have the yellow and red cards. The referee will take appropriate actions on side tackling, ball touching the roof/ceiling and any other matters.

6.   Fixtures/ group classification – This will be announced 5 days before the tournament.

7.   Disqualification – a. MIND committee will have the right to disqualify any team/or team member on the basis of misconduct, rude behaviour or any unlawful activity or any action that may disrupt freedom of any individual/team/the progress of the tournament or anyone who violets a public order or behaving against the standing orders/norms or rules of this tournament.
b. Swapping players between the teams are not allowed and may result in disqualification of the team.

8.   Penalty - There will be penalty shoot outs in case the goals are levelled in the finals. The same applies in case the points are levelled after all the league matches.

9.   Age Proof - If challenged by any other team captain or manager, the player or the Manager of the accused team member should have to present the age proof of the player/players.

Other Rules

1. Registration fee - €10 for each player. A Team can register only up to 12 players.

2. MIND may publish photographs/videos of the tournament. Please do reach out to us if you have any concerns or objections for publishing your kid’s photographs/video.

3. In case of any unforeseen situation where a game or tournament cannot be continued, MIND will take appropriate decisions to postpone/organise a knockout tournament or penalty shoot out to determine the winners.

4. Food and drink – “Royal Indian Cuisine” will serve delicious food including Indian snacks on the day at the venue.

5. Keep the premises clean and litter free at all times.

6. MIND committee will have the right to modify or cancel any of the above rules.


● Winning team and Runner up team will receive the Ever rolling Trophies on the Mind Mega Mega Stage, 3rd June 2023

● The winning team will receive individual trophies in each category on the tournament day.

● The runner up team will receive Medals in each category on the tournament day.

● Best player from each category will be recognised with special awards.

Registration closed
  • Date : 02.06.23
  • time : 09:00 am
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